The Gemstone Guide

The Coloured Real Gemstone Collection

The Real Gemstone Collection features an array of stunning pieces to add a splash of colour that will elevate every wardrobe. The jewellers at Fairfax & Roberts have sourced vibrant and quality gemstones in colours to complement any outfit.  Each gemstone is selected according to intensity of colour and is hand-cut and faceted by specialist gem cutters. The gemstones are all eye-matched and set by hand into each individual 925 sterling silver setting. The 925 sterling silver settings are then rhodium plated or coated in 18K yellow gold plating to complement the gemstone colour.

The Gemstone Guide

How are Gemstones Cut

Each coloured gemstone has been hand-cut with multiple facets to add to each stones uniqueness. To maximise the beauty of each stone, rose and brilliant cuts have been used to give facets to the surface enhancing the gemstone’s ability to reflect light. The different types of gemstone cuts featured in the collection are: 


rose cut gemstone

Rose Cut – an antique style cut with faceting around the whole gemstone. This is a traditional cut type for a gemstone to showcase the colour of the stone and increase light reflection.


brilliant cut gemstone

Brilliant Cut – a modern type of cut featuring stepped facets on the side of the gemstone and a flat top. The bottom on the gemstone tapers to a point bouncing light through the colour of the stone.


Multiple types of gemstones have been cut and featured in the Real Gemstone Collection. These are:

  • Round – The most popular shape used in jewellery
  • Oval – Elongated and soft, mostly seen in high-end gemstones
  • Pear – Perfect for earrings and pendants due to its teardrop proportions
  • Square – A modern cut, not commonly seen in semi-precious gemstones

By Fairfax & Roberts gemstone cuts

Colours of Gemstones

The By Fairfax & Roberts collection features a range of real gemstones to elevate any outfit by adding pops of colour through the use of beautifully designed pieces. Some of our real gemstones may have some visible inclusions within the body of the stone, to enhance the personality and natural beauty of the stone. The real gemstone colours in the collection are:

gemstone colours

Care & Maintenance Tips for Gemstones

Real coloured gemstones are precious stones which have been handcut by skilled craftspeople who take pride in making beautiful jewellery. To maintain their beauty, store real gemstone collection pieces in the By Fairfax & Roberts pouch in a cool, dry place.

The Gemstone Guide 

Gemstone Care Details:

  • To keep your gemstones bright you must avoid spraying them with perfume or makeup. This can dull the look of the gemstone with a build-up of compounds. To remove any build-up, gently wipe over with a damp soft cloth. Alternatively, gently rinse in a bowl of warm water with a little dishwashing detergent and dry flat on a towel.
  • The gold finish to the jewellery can be worn off with abrasive cleaners and embedded polishing cloths. We recommend that you simply use a soft damp cloth on the metal fittings and chain.
  • The chemicals used in swimming pools and spas can permanently damage the finish of the gold plating, resulting in a worn look.
  • Never wear earrings or chains while sleeping as they may wear the links or become twisted or tangled resulting in broken links.


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